Bhavna Mapara

Art by Bhav.

Mesmerising Escapism Beautiful Bespoke

Thank you for all the love and support, without which I would never have found the confidence to pursue this venture.

Why do I love art?

Art takes me away, allows a little escapism, allows you to get lost in the moment. I love the interaction and blend of colour, the different textures that can be formed. I create contemporary and abstract pieces using acrylics on canvas. I naturally follow my instincts and trust my senses to create mesmerising pieces, art that captures attention, pieces that keep your gaze. Beautiful and Bespoke.

To me, art isn’t just a lifeless entity that hangs on a wall. It’s much more than that. Art can be inspirational and an aesthetically pleasing feature in everyday life. Art is exposed to so many different interpretations. I’d like my art to evoke feelings and take you to a feel good place with feel good vibes. A momentary escape.

Life is about creating memories and in some ways, is like art; a blank canvas ready to be covered with inspiration.

From a young age, I nurtured a creative artistic side. I’m always developing my style and building my portfolio. New commissions are exciting as it’s the start of a new working relationship. I believe in working closely with clients to achieve the outcome they desire.


Humble and unassuming. Inspired by a love for creating beautiful artwork.

I’m Bhav.

A mum of three boys, a wife, a lawyer. I live in Leicestershire, a place of diverse and cultural inspiration.  I love coffee and seafood is my favourite. I want to travel more and explore the world. My guilty pleasure?…Chocolate before bed. Oh, and I’m a sentimental fool at heart…

Take a look around and I hope you enjoy my work!


Bhavna Mapara